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BLACKBERRY STINGER ($104.40 WS Case Price)

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Vena's Spirit Sippers are 16 oz jars and make 5+ drinks. 
Vena's Spirit Nippers are 4 oz jars and make 2 drinks or two shots.

40% Discount Automatically Applied at Checkout. 

4 case Minimum (Mix and Match Any Product)

4 oz Spirit Nippers (24 jars per case)

16 oz Spirit Sippers (12 jars per case)

*SPLIT CASES of 6/6 for 16 oz Sippers and 12/12 for 4 OZ Nippers are accepted for 1ST orders only.  

* Please place order for total number of cases you wish to receive and then add the split case flavors in the NOTES section. We will adjust your order accordingly.

blackberry, orange, ginger, blend of organic cane sugar, cane syrup and honey

  • The Slow Way (recommended): 
    Add alcohol, shake vigorously, and let steep for 2-3 days (for spirit-forward flavor) or 5-6 days (for botanical forward flavor). Strain and enjoy!

  • The Fast Way: 
    Heat alcohol in a pot until very hot - DO NOT BOIL! Carefully pour hot alcohol into the infusion jar. Put the lid on tightly, shake vigorously, and let cool (usually about 30 minutes). Strain and enjoy!

Made in Maine by Vena's Fizz House