From all of us at Vena's, Happy New Year!

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From all of us at Vena's, Happy New Year!



Created by two successful midwestern bartenders in 2009, Bittercube continues to create bitters by hand, the way they did in their humble beginnings. Made in Milwaukee, WI. (1 oz. bottle)

  • Blackstrap: Blackstrap, yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! Always a treat in rum, whiskey, hot toddies, and creates a beautiful garnish on top of egg white cocktails. Full bodied, intense spice aroma. (Ingredients: Cinnamon, molasses, clove, sassafras, sarsaparilla)
  • Bolivar: Delicate chamomile, jasmine, and dried fruits round out and make fruit flavors juicier and fuller. Tastes great in sodas, champagne cocktails, whiskey, and rum. (Ingredients: Chamomile, jasmine, cinnamon, dried fruits)
  • Cherry Bark Vanilla: Creamy vanilla and sweet cherry get a touch of cocoa and almond for an aromatic addition to any cocktail. Good in bourbon, rye, whiskey. (Ingredients: Wild cherry bark, syrian cherry pits, cocoa, bitter almond)
  • Jamaica #1: Bring a hint of the tropics with bright ginger and island spices. Good in rum, hot cocktails, and punches. (Ingredients: Spicy ginger, black pepper, allspice)
  • Jamaica #2: The perfect tiki bitter. Sweet, tart, and acidic. Also try with tequila drinks like an Island Paloma. (Ingredients: Grapefruit, hibiscus, island spices)
  • Orange: Double maceration of orange peel makes flavors burst in gin, white rum, Belgian style beers, and bourbon. (Ingredients: Orange, toasted coriander, cardamom, caramelized orange, burnt sugar)

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