From all of us at Vena's, Happy New Year!

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From all of us at Vena's, Happy New Year!


Crude Bitters

Crude Bitters, based in Raleigh, have established themselves as the first bitters company in North Carolina. All Crude bitters are aged in either wood barrels or glass, without added dyes or chemicals. Every bitter is bottled and labeled by hand. 

FLAVORS (4 oz. bottles)
  • Bitterless Marriage: If you've had our Vena's Gin and Tonic, you know this bitter well! Great in gin, vodka, rum. (Ingredients: Hibiscus, lavender, oak)
  • Rizzo: Found in our Vodka Martini for that peppery bite. Great with gin, rye, and vodka. (Ingredients: Grapefruit, rosemary, black peppercorn)
FLAVORS (2 oz. bottles)
  • Tiki Two-Two: (Ingredients: Roasted pineapple and vanilla) Enjoy the tropical flavors of charred pineapple, vanilla, and light undertones of anise seed. The herbal nature of the bitter can help balance out those overly sweet drinks. 
  • Lindsay: Nutty, floral and slight amount of spice to wake up your taste buds. A complement to aged spirits, and a great addition to un-aged spirits. (Ingredients: A blend of toasted pecans, magnolia bark and a small slice of habanero)
  • Ginger No. 2: This ginger and turmeric aromatic bitter offers a sweet, but spicy addition to any soda or cocktail. 
  • Rhubarb: These rhubarb bitters have light notes of rose hips and coriander with a touch of honey. Rhubarb is an amazing balance of sweet and tart with a subtle grassy/earthly flavor. Pairs well with every spirit and complement a cocktail containing sweet, sour, and/or bitter components. 

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