From all of us at Vena's, Happy New Year!

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From all of us at Vena's, Happy New Year!


Miracle Mile Bitters

Founded in 2010, these Los Angeles bitters geeks are changing the world 3-4 dashes at a time. Known for their sweet pronounce beginning and long trail of botanicals, these bitters keep on giving transforming every sip of a cocktail into a mini miracle.


  • Bergamot: One of the most distinguishable flavors in Earl Grey Tea, bergamot sweet and sour orange profile combined with cardamon, clove and hops makes this a perfect match for gin, bourbon and single malt whiskeys and scotch. Used with our Raspberry Bergamot Shrub Fizz.
  • Castilian: A perfect match and must have for any tequila lover. Dandelion, grains of paradise with a touch of caramelized sugar give a richness that compliments agave spirits, gin and vodka. Found in the Vena's Maine Margarita and Paloma.
  • Chocolate Chili: Deep dry cocoa gives way to three robust chilis, spicy ginger, warm clove and star anise. Excellent in Tequila, Bourbon, Rum. Delicious in an Aztec Hot Chocolate.
  • Forbidden: Miracle Mile’s aromatic bitter, uses cinnamon, clove, cardamom, ginger and angelica. This is a great long lasting multipurpose bitter. Great in all spirits and sodas. Try these bitters in a Blueberry Shrub.
  • Orange: The first sip is sweet orange giving way to bitter orange, juniper and tonic cinchona bark. A beautiful orange bitter that lingers until the last sip. Try in Vena's Orange Vanilla Creme Soda and Milk Thistle Spritz Cocktail.
  • Sour Cherry: Michigan sour cherries blended with organic wild cherry bark, ginger, cinnamon with a touch of blossom honey make this a bitter deep with rich sour cherry flavor. Pairs perfectly with a Spiker's Sour Cherry Shrub or Cherry Honey Creme. 
  • Toasted Pecan: The rich sweetness of pecan pie with charred oak make this a beautiful creamy addition to bourbon, rye or sweet dessert drinks. Try these bitters in a Nutella Melt or Almond Joyful while you're at Vena's.
  • Yuzu: Burdock’s bittersweetness compliments green tea, ugly fruit, yurzu and other citrus. This is great in gin, vodka and tequila. Found in our Tangerine Collins.

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