From all of us at Vena's, Happy New Year!

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From all of us at Vena's, Happy New Year!


Finest Kind Tea

Tracing his roots back some 200 years ago, Jay Lombard’s family sailed merchant ships carrying tea back to their port of Boston, MA. Designed to carry only what they needed, the same holds true for Finest Kind premium tea concentrates. Only the good stuff. Based in Portland Maine.


  • 1753 Green Tea Hibiscus: A delicate balance of earthy green tea and hibiscus and a touch of sweet honey. Mix with tea, vodka or hot spring H2O.
  • 1866 Roobios & Orange Vanilla: In 1866 Capt. Mackinnon was in the great tea race from China to Britain. Prestige, fans, and cash were at stake. Mackinnon beat out his competitors after 90 days at sea by a mere 20 minutes. That drive is found in every bottle of 1866. Rooibos, black tea, orange flavor, and maple.
  • 1933 Oolong, Ginger, Lime: In 1933 it was time to repeal the 18th amendment and FDR was ready. Newly elected to office, he made good on his promise and glasses across the nation toasted in his honor. This is the New Deal. Oolong tea, lime, and ginger. A perfect faux Dark & Stormy or try a bit for an updated tea Dark & Stormy.
  • 1960 Black Tea & Lemon: On a sunny day in 1960, the golf community saw one of the greatest come backs in history. Arnold Palmer was down by 7 strokes and stopped for a tea & lemonade before clenching the win at Cherry Hills, CO. Keepin' it simple: black tea, lemon, cane sugar.

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