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Created around the idea that bitters are essential for optimum health and vitality. Each botanical is foraged in the mountains of Colorado, creating an organic and wild bottle of goodness. Based in Salida Colorado, Dram's production facility is located in an old mining supply store and later a bakery, noted by the word "bread" painted on the building. Dram bitters use a glycerin base and are made in Silver Plume, CO. (4 oz. bottle)

  • Black: Deep rich spices and all things black, it combines black tea, cardamom, black currants, black walnuts, with a black pepper finish. Found in our Blackheart Mocktail and Disheveled Goose cocktail. *Contains black walnut hulls which may cause irritation to those with nut allergies.
  • Citrus Medica: Soft floral undertones with vibrant citrus notes, this blend combines citrus blossoms and exotic citrus zest to create a new school orange bitter. This bitter accents our Vena's Vodka Buck.
  • Wild Mountain Sage: Using handpicked Colorado sage and dried orange peel this bitter gives a ray of summer sunshine and warmed earth to a classic old fashioned. Found in Vena's Traditional Old Fashioned.
  • Lavender Lemon: A sweet addition to any drink, enjoy the light floral and citrus flavors in any gin or vodka base drink.