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Jack Rudy Tonics make a fantastic gift or as an addition to your own home bar.

Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. most recent offering includes their three rich and varied expressions of the classic mixer. For the Tonic Trio, they have combined their flagship product, Small Batch Tonic, their Elderflower Tonic – a floral and bright riff – and their newest expression, Extra Bitter Tonic, which was developed as a richer, more bitter mixer. While the Small Batch Tonic is versatile in countless applications, the Elderflower Tonic pairs beautifully with Tequila and dark spirits, and the Extra Bitter Tonic makes for a perfect Gin & Tonic when paired with classic, Juniper-forward gins.


  • Small Batch Tonic (17 oz. bottle or in Tonic Trio 8 oz. bottle) Light and refreshing with lemongrass, citrus and real cane sugar. This is the perfect compliment to your favorite Gin or Vodka. It is a crowd pleaser and a great tonic syrup for anyone looking to up their tonic game or giving as a gift. Most famously used in Vena's G&T with Crude Bitterless Marriage bitters.
  • Elderflower (17 oz. bottle or in Tonic Trio 8 oz. bottle): Delicate white flowers impart their beauty in this mild tonic syrup.  A rich body and bold finish make this a perfect pair for spirits such as tequila, bourbon or rum. Used in Vena's Elderflower G&T with Bitter Tears Kiki bitters
  • Extra Bitter (only available in Tonic Trio 8 oz. bottle): Enjoy this newly released extra bitter tonic syrup in this sample pack. Excellent as a gift for G&T enthusiasts or any curious to trying out new tonics. (Three 8oz. bottles)