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Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Scrappy's was founded on the idea that bitters could be made better. At least that's what Seattle bartender Miles Thomas thought when he founded the company in 2008. Thomas' dedication to extraction processes taught him that different methods yielded different flavors from the same base ingredient. These combinations of ingredients create the robust and intoxicating aromatic bitters as well as the bright and perfumey  citrus to lavender bitters. A little goes a long way.
(5 oz. bottle)
  • Aromatic: Perfect for Old Fashioneds. Classic bite, orange and warming spices will punch up any drink from bourbon to rye as well as martinis.
  • Cardamom: The most pronounce flavor in chai tea, these little pods add a warm aromatic layer to any drink. Great in tiki drinks, hot toddies or tea. Found in Vena's Bangladesh Express Mocktail.
  • Grapefruit: Hand zested grapefruit peels blended with gentian root make this perfect for vodka based drinks and citrus sparklers. Perfect addition to Vena's Vodka Martini.
  • Orange: Combining a variety of oranges, fresh herbs, and warming spices make this prime for any whiskey drinker or experimental cocktail master. Try this with gin, tequila, vodka, or whiskey.
  • Orleans: With a strong anise taste and notes citrus, cinnamon and floral, it's great for old fashioneds and sazeracs. 
  • Sample Box (mini bottles of Lavender, Chocolate, Grapefruit and Cardamom)
  • Sample Box (mini bottles of Orange, Aromatic, Orleans and Celery)