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Sugar Cubes & Syrups

25% OFF! BG REYNOLDS ( Regularly $17.25 )

Owner Blair Reynolds has an unmatched enthusiasm for all things Tiki culture. Based in Portland, Oregon, his tropical syrups are a testament to one truly devoted tiki aficionado. 12.7 Fl Oz.

  • 🍹 ORIGINAL ORGEAT: Taking some real almonds, cane sugar, and creating an original orgeat syrup made for all walks of life. Crafted for either the bbq or cocktail party, BG Reynolds Orgeat is our way of sharing our passion and knowledge with anyone interested. This orgeat syrup is perfect in a Mai Tai, Scorpion, or Momisette any combination of barrel-aged spirits and citrus go beautifully with this. Or hey, maybe you want to switch it up and try it out with some coffee, waffles, and pancakes.
  • 🍹 FALERNUM: Just the right combination of ginger, clove, almond, and fresh lime. Try this with your next Bermuda Rum Swizzle, Frosty Dawn, or Puka Punch cocktail. Try it with your next cola or tonic. Heck, try it over a bit of ice, just to see what Charles Dickens was obsessing about so much back in the 19th Century.
  • 🍹 TIKI SPICES: A top-secret blend of Jamaican pimento berry (aka Allspice) and Madagascar vanilla. And it’s totally okay if you don’t know what either of those tastes like individually because…who does? But when we put them together in ideal proportion, the end result is just what you need to put that cocktail over the top. Whether you’re making a Zombie at the table, a Rhum Swizzle for your party or a Fog Cutter just to impress someone, this is the difference you need for it.