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Created by the cutest couple you will ever meet from Brunswick, Maine. They never waiver in their quest for delivering the finest syrups known to man. Perfect in cocktails, teas, and sodas. (2 oz. and 8 oz. bottles)

Royal Rose Organic Syrups, now produced by Split Rock Distillery of Newcastle, Maine continues a fantastic organic line of simple syrups, now sold all over the country.
  • Anise: This bright Anise syrup portrays floral yet mellow notes. With a soft background of fennel, you can add this syrup to cocktails and other drinks, as well as baked goods and even your morning granola.
  • Blackberry:  A deep sheen of purple is the perfect visual hint to tell what this soft, sweet, slightly tart, yet earthy Blackberry simple syrup is all about.
  • Cardamom Clove: A Venas' favorite. This is the secret ingredient in our famous Apple Crate Cocktail. Sweet, spicy cardamon and clove wrap any drink in a warm fuzzy blanket. Found in our seasonal Apple Crate cocktail.
  • Ginger-Lime: Tart fresh lime and sweet, spicy ginger are a perfect combination for easy breezy Moscow mules, Dark and Stormy and whiskey cocktails. Perfect in a Ginger Julep fizz.
  • Hot Ginger-Lime: Taking their classic Ginger-Lime syrup and adding a kick from jalapenos and zesty yellow ginger. Try in a Moscow Mule for an extra kick!
  • Hot Toddy: Organic sugar, water and organic lemon juice.
  • Lavender Lemon: From the moment you open the bottle to the last sip of your cocktail, lavender’s calming properties, brightened with fresh lemon zest, will have you washing away the day’s stressors sip by sip.
  • Natural Cocktail Syrup: The classic simple syrup made with organic Demerara sugar. Use this to sweeten any beverage from tea to mojitos, as well as in baking and fruit salads. (16 oz. bottle)
  • Orange Vanilla: Sweet orange and creamy vanilla will have you wishing for warm Summer days and ice cream floats. Bourbon, soda, rye, cognac and vanilla ice cream.
  • Raspberry: Throwback to when raspberry held court in all bars. Bursting with real, organic raspberry flavor. Use to make a Raspberry Rickey, Lemonade, or Vena's Kundalini-tini 
  • Rose: Light and delicate rose petals give this syrup a not overly perfume syrup. We use this syrup in our Love Potion #9 with El Guapo LP#9 bitters.
  • Saffron: Exotic crocus stamens give this syrup its beautiful golden hue. Cinnamon and spice make up the backbone of this syrup that goes well in rum, bourbon or brandy. Used in our Silk Road to Goa with Addition Cocktail Spice (16 oz. bottle)
  • Strawberry Fennel: Summers sweet fruit and delicate fennel foods make this syrup ripe for margaritas, gin & tonics, vodka long drinks. Try using this syrup in a Strawberry Margarita!
  • Three Chile: A sweet, slightly spicy rich syrup makes this prime for hot chocolates, tequila drinks. It is sweet, smokey created by jalapeños, ancho and poblano peppers.