Wilks & Wilson Syrups

  • Giovanna's Ginger Simple: Wilks & Wilson takes juice from American ginger and combines it with sugar and water to create a spicy, sweet mixer. Plays especially well with vodka and tequila. It is also a delightful addition to tea.
  • Millicent's Lime Mint Simple: Fresh mint, lime zest and lime juice, when combined with the thick, silky texture of our simple syrup, make this a wonderfully rich, yet refreshing, mixer for several cocktails.
  • Rosabelle's Raspberry Gomme: Raspberry Gomme is a sweet elixir thickened with gum acacia and flavored with the bright taste of raspberries. The unctuous red syrup is a welcome addition to a cocktail or cappuccino. Itʼs also perfect for use in desserts.

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