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Tequila Lovers (Maine Margarita and Sweet Heat )

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The Perfect Pair for the tequila lovers in your life or treat yourself!

Sweet Heat & Maine Margarita

Sweet Heat Ingredients
Strawberry, jalapeño pepper, lemon, lime powder, organic cane and/or coconut sugar.

Maine Margarita Ingredients
Blueberry, apples, citrus, organic cane sugar, honey.

  • The Fast Way: Pour suggested alcohol into a pot on the stove and heat until hot DO NOT BOIL. Carefully pour hot spirit into jar over infusion ingredients. Put the lid on tightly, give a good shake, let cool (usually about 30 minutes), strain, and enjoy!
  • The Slow Way: Add suggested alcohol to your jar and let it steep for 2-3 days. Give it a good shake, taste, and when it’s to your liking, strain and enjoy!

Made in Maine by Vena's Fizz House