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Living all over the world and finally landing in the twin cities, Lee Egbert, has honed his palette of regional spices and flavors. He presents his unparalleled expertise in his bitters and tinctures. 


  • Brandy Old Fashioned: Inspired by a Minnesota favorite, the "Brandy Old Fashioned", the sweet orange and spices will warm you heart soul. Blended and preserved in Brandy, the added sweetness makes this a great starter bitter for anyone diving into the forays of mixology. Featured in our Traditional Old Fashioned.
  • Mr. Lee's Ancient Chinese Secret: Egbert's culinary expertise is most evident in this tiny bottle of drink magic. Combining flavors of ginger, tamarind, mandarin orange, and Sichuan peppercorns, this will be just the secret in any cocktail. We use this in our Elderpower and Penicillin cocktails.
  • Vintage Orange: Barrel aged in Minnesota white oak barrels, with sweet orange rind, bourbon, and spices.