Fee Brothers Bitters

One of the classic cocktail companions, the brothers from Rochester, NY have been creating their line since 1863 by the mighty Genesee. Glycerine based and mild in flavor, these are a great introduction to the world of bitters.

  • Aztec Chocolate: Sweet and mildly spicy, these offer up deep, dry, cacao, cinnamon, and delicate heat. Great in hot chocolate, oxaca old fashioned, tequila, bourbon, and rye. Found in our season Habanero Hot Chocolate.
  • Black Walnut: Rich nutty flavor that is perfect for mixing up your favorite old fashioned. Also great in warm, nutty cocktails that have Frangelico or Bailey's (hot toddy, Irish coffee, Old Fashioned). Try with whiskey, nutty liqueurs, rye, bourbon, and rum.
  • Cherry: Just like the finishing touch on an ice cream sundae, these cherry bitters are the cherry on top of any drink. Its sweet maraschino flavor makes it the perfect compliment to an Old Fashioned, in a Manhattan, or any cherry creme one can whip up! Found in Vena's Cherry Phosphate, Cherry Lime Rickey, and Cherry Creme.
  • Grapefruit: The bittersweet flavor of grapefruit zest makes this bitter prime for Palomas, Salty Dogs or grapefruit sodas. Try these in our Ruby Red Grapefruit Shrub.
  • Lemon: Sidewalk lemonade stands rejoice! Candied lemon peel and delicate bitterness make this a great addition to lemonades, lemon drops, or any drink screaming for sweet citrus.
  • Mint: The bright green hue of this bitter lets you know they've used Fees. Sweet spearmint will liven up Mint Juleps and Mojitos. We use these bitters in our Hemingway Frappe cocktail.
  • Old Fashioned Aromatic: Every bar in America has a few bitters and so should you. This standard has warm cinnamon, clove and stand out sweetness. Great for seeded berry drinks and your Grandpa’s Old Fashioned. Use in a Blackberry Creme Fizz.
  • Peach: Summers sweet bounty combines with bitter almond oil for touch of the orchard in Sangrias, bourbons or peach cobblers and jams. These bitters are prominent in our seasonal Peach Cobbler Fizz.
  • Plum: The sugar plum fairy will dance in your head after adding these rich, fruity spiced bitters to mulled wine and shrubs.
  • Rhubarb: A taste of history, these bitters were created to hone in the flavors of colonial America. Rhubarb is the perfect addition to Silver Tequila, Gin or vodka. Perfect addition to a Strawberry Rhubarb Shrub Fizz at Vena's!
  • West Indian Orange: The sweet oil extracted from the West Indian oranges gives this bitter its pronounce floral orange characteristic. Try in a Vena's Vanilla Orange Creme Soda or add to Old Fashioned, Whiskey, Bourbon, Rye.
  • Whiskey Barrel Aged Bitters (Limited Edition): Aged in charred barrels soaked with whiskey these aromatic bitters pick up sweet caramel and vanilla notes during the aging process. Delicious with blackberry! Try these bitters in a blackberry lemonade, rickey, or creme.

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