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Spring Bouquet of Goodness

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April Showers bring May flowers and we have a bouquet just for you.

This collection includes:
- 3 Floral Vena's Spirit Sipper
- 2 Floral Vena's Bitters
- Vena's Flowers Sugar Cubes
- 2 Royal Rose Floral Syrups
- Strong Hibiscus Tonic Syrup
- Bittermilk #2 Elderflower Mixer


The Spring Buzz (cocktail)

Use gin to infuse Vena’s Sea Rose Spirit Sipper

Shake in a Boston Shaker with ice:
2 oz of infused gin
.5 oz Strong Hibiscus Tonic
.25 oz Royal Rose Rose syrup
.25 oz squeezed lime juice
3 dashes Vena’s Meadow bitters
2 dashes Vena’s Flower bitters
Pour all (with ice) in a high ball glass.
Add 3-4 oz seltzer. Stir.
Garnish with lime wedge. 

Lavender Lemon Spritzer (mocktail)
In a 16 oz mason jar, combine:
.75 oz Royal Rose Lavender-Lemon syrup
.75 oz Royal Rose Rose syrup 
.5 oz squeezed lemon juice
3 dashes Vena’s Flowers bitters ice, seltzer
Stir, garnish with lemon peel.