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Mocktail Gin & Tonic Kit

Ritual Zero Proof Gin Alternative  25 oz bottle
Jack Rudy Classic Tonic Syrup
Vena's Meadow Bitters
Vena's Flowers Bitter Infused Sugar Cubes

    • 2.0 oz Ritual Gin Alternative
    • 0.75 oz Jack Rudy Tonic
    • 1 or 2 Vena's Flower Bitter Infused Sugar Cube(s)
    • 3 or 4 drops Vena's Meadow Bitters
    • Soda water
    • Lime wedge
Prep: gently place the sugar cubes in a Highball glass, add the bitters and tonic to the glass and gently muddle until the sugar has dissolved, then add the gin alternative, ice, and seltzer to top, garnish with a lime wedge.