San Fransisco Bitters

These are the granddaddies of bitters. These bitter bitters are straight from the cocktail route of 1890’s San Francisco.
  • Alpine: Based on European bitters and aromas add flavor with herbs from the alpine zone of the Alps. Used most commonly in our Lumbersexual and Lumberjack Love with DRAM Pine Syrup
  • Basque: A classic bitter orange named after the Basque communities of California and Nevada
  • Boonekamp: Deep fennel and hyssop give this bitter a rich licorice flavor. Pairs with our Blackheart Mocktail.
  • Damiana: Crafted with the damiana root, known for stirring the “sensual soul”  bitter orange and other botanicals.
  • Jamaica Ginger: Used during prohibition to create “Ginger Jake” these pungent ginger bitters are the perfect match to any ginger based drink.

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