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Owl & Whale Bitters

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Owl & Whale: Sam and Michael’s zeal for liquid alchemy and craft cocktails inspired them to team up and create one of a kind mixers, syrups and bitters. Crafted in Portland, Maine.


  • Persimmon: The maiden voyage for Owl and Whale began with this formula. Created using sharp tannic green persimmons and sweet baking spices like ginger and clove make this perfect for all spirits. Found in our Baby Bourbon Manhattan and Lumbersexual.
  • Cherry: No Manhattan or last word is complete without the sweetness of cherry hints of sour cherry are complicated by rich dates and creamy vanilla. Perfect little addition to our Cherry Lime Rickey.
  • Cranberry: Autumn cocktails and summer spritzers scream for a splash of tartness from nature’s coastal red gem. Balanced with sugar dates, vanilla, herbs and spices they are a match for any gin, vodka or tequila drink.
  • Eucalyptus: Just the word connotates a springtime essence, to be used in anything gin-like.  Could also be used with absinthe.
  • Lemongrass: The latest addition to Owl and Whale’s bitters lineup. Freshly zested and juiced lemons, lemon tea for depth and ginger for tantalizing zing. Gin, vodka or light rum drinks. Try in a Rum & Grass.
  • Whiskey Barrel-Aged Cherry: Enjoy the newest addition to Owl & Whale!