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By Krystina CastellaTerry Lee Stone

Indulge in your sweet and boozy cravings with these step-by-step recipes for spiking delicious confections with spirits, wine, and beer

Mix, bake, buzz! These delightfully tipsy desserts are perfect for dinner parties, potlucks, and pitch-ins. You’ll find recipes for:
Classic Booze Cakes: All the recipes your grandparents used to bake, including salty-sweet Honey Spice Beer Cake, bourbon-filled Lane Cake frosted with decadent bourbon buttercream, and teeny-tiny yet potent Tropical Fruitcake Cupcakes.

Cocktail Cakes: These brand-new recipes are based on classic cocktails and mixed drinks: A tropical Piña Colada Cake, Mint Julep Cupcakes made with Kentucky bourbon, and creamy, chocolatey Rum-and-Coke Whoopie Pies.

Cake Shots: For the perfect party snack, try bite-sized Long Island Iced Tea Cakes, decadent little Wine-Tasting Cakes, and every imaginable flavor of Jelly Cake Shot.

Cakes with a Twist: These extraordinary cake recipes are made even better with alcohol. Enjoy a Jägermeister-powered Deutsch German Chocolate Cake, Shamelessly Rich Carrot Cake infused with 151-proof rum, and frosty, delicious Spiked Ice-Cream Cake.
Featured throughout are tips and tricks on baking with alcohol, serving suggestions for fun cocktail-cake parties, and yummy cocktail recipes to accompany your confections—plus a handy “Booze Meter” that tracks the total alcohol content in each of these decadent desserts. Indulge yourself!